Resort Savers Inc operates under the direction of a team of Asian industrialists headed by DS Chang. The Company objectives include enhancing shareholder value by careful selection of investment opportunities in industries with strategically advantageous opportunity and companies with unique competitive advantages.

We see great potential in socially responsible energy, modern mining, consumer products, scientifically discovered nutritional supplements and real estate. We continue to pursue and enhance our existing investments in these industries.

In the future we look to increased investment in these industries together with potential expansion into other areas including manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, hotels, media and more.

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Robust management, aggressive investments, international scope, value driven, fearless foresight….these are just some of the phrases which tell the story of the team running Resort Savers.

Resort Savers, Inc. makes investments and acquisitions into markets and industries throughout the world. The Company operates through multiple segments including health beverage, supplements, consumer products, mining and oil and gas.

The Company's subsidiaries include Xing Rui International Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (Xing Rui), Xing Rui International Investment Group Ltd. (Xin Rui HK), Huaxin Changrong (Shenzhen) Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Huaxin), Shenzhen Amuli Industrial Development Company Limited (Amuli) and Beijing Yandong Tieshan Oil Products Co., Ltd. (Tieshan Oil) and Admall Sdn Bhd (Biotech) Henan Wandi Mining Product Development Co, Ltd (Wandi).

RSSV's goal is to maximize the growth and valuation of its assets, resulting in an increase in shareholder value.

5 January 2020

Dear Friend,
If you are reading this I know you are interested in something I am interested in too; RESORT SAVERS INC. As Chairman and President I am pleased with progress being made on what is almost a continual basis at RSSV. 
In 2019 our Admall division grew beyond expectations. They’ve added new distributors and increased their market reach. In December the Admall division President met with the heads of the leading on line distribution system in Asia. It’s too early to promise any common effort but there is ongoing discussion.
Admall picked up new products in 2019. The full line of supplements from Arginine Miracle, LLC of Utah, USA. Admall won an exclusive distribution agreement for most of Asia. The Arginine Miracle products are considered by many in the scientific world to be the finest in the industry. Admall wanted these products because of their unique strengths and because customers need to reorder for months and often years, creating a predictable growing revenue stream and profit picture.
Tieshan Oil continues to pump out revenue as they specialize in their niche segment. Some gasoline producers depend on Tieshan almost exclusively for necessary product components. This bodes well for the future of what has been our workhorse subsidiary.
Looking forward, we have a major acquisition pending which we expect to announce in February of 2020. Stay tuned, we are pleased with the industry and potential of this opportunity. It isn’t done yet but we are hopeful. Many months of preparation, due diligence and negotiation are about to bear fruit, or so it seems.
We continue to be a growth oriented Asian industrial concern with an eye to the future. We have a great team in place who work tirelessly to ensure success for Resort Saves every day.

Thank you if you’ve joined our effort by becoming one of our esteemed share owners. If you are just looking, thanks for your interest. We encourage you to keep your eye on us.

With Optimism,
DS Chang
Chairman and President

RSSV Values Embodiment

RSSV uses private equity investment to create a secure and stable investment platform

RSSV's asset acquisition operation is operated by a highly experienced SGCI team.

RSSV is a fully reporting public company listed in the United States on the OTC Markets QB exchange under the symbol RSSV.

RSSV is constantly seeking merger or acquisition candidate companies with strong global profitability, it has successfully acquired 4 international hard asset companies.


DS CHANG is fluent in French, English and Mandarin and started his career 25 years ago.

He had worked for one of the top 20 companies in France, move on to IT industry for 16 years and held important role as financial experts and long-term company directors.

2013, DS CHANG became the vice chairman of a French financial group, which is a listed sponsor of the NYSE Euronext. His clients comprise of companies from all around the world.

In 2016, DS CHANG established his own financial services companies SCGI and SANARCO, with offices in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Beijing, providing consultancy services in lease financing, regular financing, project financing, investment funds, fund management, corporate restructuring, and corporate restructuring.


Founder | Honorary Chairman

In 2006, he received the title of DIMP Datoship in Malaysia which awarded by the Sultan of Pahang.

In 2008, he received the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) .

During 2011, he has been conferred an honorary degree by Shenzhen University, China.

He received certificate of recognition and a doctorate in business administration by Hong Kong’s Victoria University .

In 2012, he received the Merlin Award for his contribution to magic industry by Tony Hassini, founder of the International Magicians Society (IMS).

In 2013, he received the Victoria University Chancellor Certification of Recognition .

In 2014, he has been conferred an honorary degree by Carlton College, United States of America.

During 2014, he has also been Appointed as BIRO officer of weaponry and disciplinary for RELA (Jabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia) in Johor, Malaysia .

In 2015, he has been awarded the “Professor Emeritus of Business” by California University of International Business Studies.

in 2015, he received an honorary degree by France’s Sabi University.

In 2016, he has been awarded by Sultan of Pahang with the title of SSAP Datoship (Dato’ Sri) in Malaysia .

In 2017, he has been awarded as a Record-Holder (Under Business Edition) by The Malaysia Book of Records .

In 2018, he received a Diploma in Blockchain from the Southwest State University of Russia.

In 2019, he was appointed chairman of the Malaysian (Asia) Blockchain Group.

Dato’ Sri Dr Patrick Tan received the 2018 Chinese Role Model Pioneer Award as one of the Malaysian Chinese representatives to be awarded with a prestigious recognition in the 2019 Chinese Spring Festival & Gala and Role Models Festival in Beijing.

In 2019, he won the honour of the 4th "Global Outstanding Young Leader" issued by Hong Kong Asia Weekly.

Dato’ Sri Dr. Patrick Tan 

Founder and Chairman of ADMALL Sdn Bhd 

"It takes two flints to make a fire." 

Louisa May Alcott

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